Beautiful Micklepage 3


When I first stepped inside the chapel in the 14 century barn at Micklepage I melted in wonder.  I was instantly transported back to Christmas time as a child.  A far stronger religious recollection than I ever would have though possible.


The barn chapel at Micklepage was Bethlehem.  All those christmas card scenes which I remember from sitting around the table with my family, using my mothers crinkle edged sewing scissors for cutting the previous years cards into little zig-zag edged gift tags for this years parcels.  The cards that I chose were always the ones with the Bethlehem scenes, the scene with a bridge and a village lamp lit church, and the choir singers, the angels, the wise men etc.  These scenes were always beautifully lit and had an almost ethereal magical quality to them that was missing from the snowmen, robins and secular card scenes.  For what felt like hours we would sit snipping away, and at the end we would look through our selection of treasured gift tags like the prized collectable-cards of the childhood of yesteryear.


As you stepped over the beautiful ancient barn chapel’s threshold your foot sunk into the golden hay.   A statue of a holy woman blessed you as you found your sacred way to the pews.  Just entering the chapel became a living prayer.


The altar rail still had the rings on it to tether your animal to.  And the altar . . . . Oh the altar was Christ’s cradle ~ a real manger.  The presence within the chapel was almighty.  I think of all the relics of all the Saints hidden beneath all the altars I have ever seen ~ and it were as if Jesus Himself  were nestled as a newborn eternally cradled within the manger beneath the altar.


I Am sure we all do ~ but I have an absolute Love of the tabernacle ~ In my dreams I often think I might just become a secret photographer of Tabernacles ~ capturing the sacred presence within the holy temples, that I Am so very blessed to be able to breathe in so deeply.


All the different ages ~ forms ~ and expressions of God the Father ~ Son ~ Holy Spirit became Consubstantial here beyond the host.  From Father ~ to Christ Child ~ to Baby in a manger ~ to Beloved ~ to Spouse ~ to Spirit ~ to Advocate.



The heightened worship and the psalms sung in joyous praise here, became a Heavenly experience which rendered every creature equal and One.  From the nesting swallows ~ to the little finch flying the chapel at dusk ~ to the butterflies ~ to the tiny mice rustling upon the hay ~ to the ant crawling across my prayer journal ~ they all visibly shared the breath within the chapel ~ the ruah ~ One ~ together we all experienced the same beautiful Sublime Song.


Praying the Mass here was So very special ~ it facilitated in the most ancient way a spiritual instinctive primeval eternal encounter which as a mother stirred in my very loins ~ pressed within my womb ~ yearned within my breast ~ and gave birth within my soul to a physical arousal that drew everything of my humanity and transfigured it Divine.


One silent holy night ~ on the Thursday ~  we had all night Adoration in the farmhouse ~ In the very room, touching walls with my own room ~ the heightened anticipation before I had even tip-toed next door was So so silently special.  I chose before anyone else the darkest deepest hour of the night ~ before the first light came.  3 o clock  ~  4 o clock  ~ Where I prayed in absolute adoration before The Blessed Sacrament like never before.

An intimacy so personal ~ skin to skin ~ so charged ~ so perfectly intimately close ~ that the prayer itself became Our temple.  Before I left,  and I didn’t want to leave,  I felt as if drawn by Dominion ~ compelled to kiss my Lord  ~  something that I was fully aware other’s, out of deepest reverential respect, wouldn’t ever allow themselves to do ~ But rather it wasn’t me alone ~ it was as if the Lord wanted to Kiss me ~ and so He did.   X

The Kiss of Christ  †

A God bestowed moment in my life that I shall never ever ~ ever lose.

On earth as it is in Heaven.

God I Love You


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