Beautiful Micklepage 4

Miracle Micklepage

Micklepage is a very special place.  Heightened by circumstance.  Omnipotent because of Love ~ Omnipotent because of Spirit.  Omnipotent before and beyond Micklepage.

God, because He Loves me, met me at Micklepages door, by way of a woodpecker.  He also led me home.  After telling Fr Tom that my sat-nav and my new car had given me a New freedom and were my New Wings that enabled me to be free, upon leaving Micklepage, God decided he had a greater lesson to teach me.

I climbed into the car and the sat-nav died.  Oh No . . .  how would I get home.  Map reading I just do not do!  I drove to the first garage pulled in and asked for directions to the motorway to get me to London.  Perfect.  Well . . . until there were 5 signs across the road, 2 of which said London and both pointed in different directions . . . at which point I prematurely left the motorway at the wrong point and ended up on a dual carriage way in a strange town.   I took refuge at another garage  a. s. a. p  ~ and I was very cautious about asking a beautiful young B M W driving, shining ebony skinned man, the way home ~ and not so cautious about asking the safer petrol kiosk cashier the way back London bound.  I thought of my own prejudices and something immediately hurt when I though back to the ‘last supper’ at Micklepage.

And then God turned it all upside down.

You see the beautiful black Angel whom God sent overheard me asking directions to London.  The cashier was sending me the wrong way to the heart of busy London through the chaos.  The Angel asked me what part of London I was trying to get to,  I said ‘actually its the Dartford crossing ~ Brentwood then Essex’.  Bless that man ~ he said I had to do a u-turn but the road is quite dangerous, and then get back on to the M23 and join the M25. I asked if it was easy ~ He must have sensed something in me that he felt he could respond to.  I thanked him for directions and got back in my car at the same time as him.

That dear man pulled wide across the dual carriage way and held up the traffic so that I could do a nippy u-turn safely before him.  He then proceeded to overtake me and pull in close before me – he then guided me back onto the M23.  Thank God – because there were too many signs to read at too huge and fast a junction – I would have instantly taken the wrong lane.  He then proceeded to drive at 70 miles per hour for approximately 1/2 an hour.

I overtook him to say thanks and to wave my leave.  At which point he then overtook me again and pulled back in front of me – slowing me to 70 miles per hour again.  I felt safe by him.  Then a few miles (5 minutes’ish) up the road, the road did a sudden split (both signs saying London) one lane was M25 London – the other lane was M23 London.  He led me on to the M25 and at the very last possible moment suddenly sheered off at high-speed to the right, which was the junction that he needed to take.  He flashed and waved his hand high out of the window, and I flashed my lights back several times before we left sight of one another.  I so would have taken the wrong path, and he so knew it, ~ and he led me like a good shepherd back toward home.  The whole thing was surreal from beginning to end.

God sending me a beautiful shining black Angel.

Sat-nav wings . . . .   errrrmmm . . .  Nope.

God is the only Wings we need.  Beyond trust ~ Beyond belief.  There simply isn’t anything else to do.  Which is why least of all I don’t understand since coming to the church, why people and especially clerics try to forge, manipulate, or set up situations (even in kindness) so that we might wonder upon these happening, that we must just wonder, believe and come to faith in a deeper way still ~ when it just is not necessary ~

For God reaches us in His own way. . .


There is a special place beyond mere faith which only God bestows ~ it is beyond hope ~ beyond mere faithful belief ~ and even beyond trust.

It is Knowing.

Without a shadow of a doubt.

This transcends faith ~ for faith is reliant upon hope ~ upon trust ~ beautiful ~ but lesser bed fellows ~ and they all go hand in hand.

But Knowing is Absolute ~ one does not have to hope ~ one does not have to have faith ~ one does not have to place ones trust ~

One knows ~ for sure!

And nobody can create – manipulate – forge – prompt – engender – draft – plot – map – design – construct – fabricate – manufacture – produce or generate those God Bestowed Miracle Moments ~ that God Alone deploys.

The Bestower of Knowing.

Wherever He wants to Bestow.

For those Bestowings are Pure Miracle.

And the only Wings we need.

Pure Knowing.


Pure Love.



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