Awakened in Beautiful Sleep . . . again

My body seeks and finds his body in the deep of the night and his body seeks and finds mine, I have no idea how . . . . but God.

It amazes me how our spirits never fail to find one another, they intertwine in healing all parting divine.

They seal each other as they rise and fall like hot wax sealing a letter with Love, only the beloved can open.

Through Him every sweetness has been traced in him, and every trace has been discovered in sweetness sublime.

There is no part of him that my lips have not by his skin been kissed. Caressed there is no part of me in His leaving unblessed.

Content in Heavens consent . . . we seek languid slumbery sleep . . .

We seep into each others being, one becomes the other the other becoming one, leaving no trace of two selves to be seen, no trace of having been.

It is here there is no waking and no sleeping, no parting, no break of hearting, and no return, for in each other we are Home.


About mags

Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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