6th September 1970

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I have just looked through some old paperwork ~ (certificates)  and just realised that I was baptised on 6th September 1970 ~ at St Anne’s Church ~ Larkshall Road ~ Chingford London ~ E4.

A date which I had never registered before now ~ it felt kind of irrelevant.  I was officially received into the Catholic Church at Pentecost ~ May 26 2012 ~ St Phillip Neri’s Feast day ~ That somehow felt more significant ~ until right just now.

When I read the certificate, I immediately tried to make a special association with the day ~ I looked for a special Feast day ~ a special Saint ~ there was absolutely nothing that clicked ~ I looked for a special connection ~ nope ~ nothing at all ~ and then I looked back to the reading of the day ~ and suddenly it all fell in to place.

I wonder what the readings were in the year of 1970 ~  I couldn’t find them?

But this years tells me that for sure ~

I truly Am the scum of the earth. ~ Cant get much higher than that on t’other side.

‘When we are cursed, we answer with a blessing; when we are hounded, we put up with it; we are insulted and we answer politely. We are treated as the offal of the world, still to this day, the scum of the earth.’


You make me smile every time.

I Am so blessed.


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Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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