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I was born on Easter Sunday at 5.45 am in 1970.   Marie is my middle name ~ meaning Beloved.   A variant of Mary.

13 is a Bakers Dozen ~ Baker is my maiden name ~ and my lucky number is 13.  The 13th day of the month is the Marian day of devotion ~ Mary Magdalene was often called the 13th Apostle.

By 1970 the Catholic Church had officially overruled pope Gregory’s mis-portrayal of Mary Magdalene as a harlot ~ The Roman missal in 1570 described Mary Magdalene on her saint’s day as “penitent”; this was her defining characteristic for exactly 400 years until 1970 when the label was removed.


I was presented with a bible on my 7th birthday ~  27 years later (a few days before my daughters 7th birthday) an identical one appears in my little local village charity shop ~ This was after my 6-year-old daughter asks if she can have mine ~ and I tell her I will buy her her own one for her 7th birthday (not having ever seen my bible anywhere else before, or again since).    Identical!


My Dad dies minutes after I change my silent prayers from ‘please keep him alive’, to ‘God please take him quickly, so that he doesn’t go on suffering’ ~ After Dad dies and we finally leave the hospital, the parking ticket says the words date and time of departure ~ Thursday 12th May 2005  at 3.10 ~ we didn’t return to the car park that day until gone 4.30.    3.10 was the exact time recorded of Dads death.


73 Sydney Street was the Catholic-House-Church in my town from 1902 – 1934.   This is the home that I renovated ~ it was my Bethlehem that God provided for me when I was separated from my first husband.  I lived here for 2 years before I even came to the Catholic Church with my youngest 2 children.  I only discovered that this house had been where Catholic Mass was celebrated for 32 years, 3/4 years after I had moved out ~ when I had began going to church and had all my children baptised ~ and a year after that when the new priest had looked through the archives, he found it written in a news letter which was all about the history of our church.


I see angels wings reflected on a dying Catholic neighbours window.  They knock on my door to tell me she has passed away ~ I say I know because the wings have disappeared.


I had a profoundly spiritual experience under the Mary Magdalene painting in Brompton Oratory. This building became special to me because of a song ~ and because of this profoundly spiritual experience.

I wanted to be received into Full Communion with Rome on St Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day ~ the 22nd July ~ but I couldn’t be because each year the parish priest was away on that day.  So the Vigil Mass of Pentecost 2012 was chosen for me by the priest instead ~ This coincided with St Philip Neri’s Feast day the 26th May 2012 ~ So I adopted this Saint as my spiritual father and I took the name Magdalene as my confirmation name.

On the first year anniversary of my reception into the Church I went back to Brompton Oratory to say thank you to Magdalene for being my Spiritual Sister, and to light a candle in prayer before her altar painting ~ it was only then that I discovered the (previously unrealised) Oratory was St Phillip Neri’s Oratory by a sign upon the front door.  The Saint who a year earlier had become by ‘default’ my spiritual father.  I also discovered on the same day by reading a plaque in front of a wax effigy of the Saint’s shrine that his birthday is on St Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day!  My spiritual family profoundly connected.


The Jesus Aggemian print lights up.


I prayed intimately and felt the companionship of both St Mary Magdalene and Christ, so closely even more intensely whilst I was working on the Charism. ~ I went to the Mary Magdalene Church Yard where I prayed over the Charism and sprinkled it in the Holy water from Lourdes, when it was finalised and blessed on the 22nd July ~ Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day ~ in the special year of 2013.

A year later I found out that St Sabina’s (the church where my children and I were officially received in to the Catholic Faith)  ~ had originally been consecrated to St Mary Magdalene ~ 2 weeks after the original consecration it was changed for beneficiary reasons to St Sabina ~ I had always found St Mary Magdalene’s presence to be closely inspiring me, and her friendship and guidance has accompanied me all along, without previously ever having known her or the church’s connection.

Santa Sabina in Rome is the mother house of the Order of Preachers ~ the Dominicans co-patronesses are St Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary.


There was a hand painted Woodpecker on Micklepage’s bedroom door ~ on a very special retreat that I went on ~ this was just after I had seen my first ever Woodpecker up close at a friend’s home ~ only 1/2 an hour earlier.


‘Scum of the earth’ ~  the reading of the day ~ on the anniversary of my 44th year of baptism ~ also the accusation thrown at me by the beloved parish priest that baptised all of my children.


Miracle after miracle after miracle ~ You tell me that this is not all happening to me for a reason.

Having to live in a celibate marriage ~ being rejected by my own diocese ~ the Charism ignored by all ~ threats of arrest ~ and all the while hunted and portrayed as a harlot.

Please stay close ~ I am so very alone ~ with no human guidance.


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