Upon This Rock I Build My Church

Angel Vatican

I am carrying a little more weight than usual.

Physically ~ Emotionally ~ Spiritually.

In the waiting I savour every maternal hug.

Every loving touch.

God I’m going to miss her.

God I’m going to miss her warm embrace.

The only adult embrace I know.

The only touch.

God I dread the lack of touch.

They tell me God shuts one door

He opens another.

I wait at closed doors.


Hope passing away.

Every day I’m dying.

I ache with waiting.

The clock ticks away.

Tocks tick with hurting.

More hurting with every passing.

Stop the clocks.

I wander up to Thorington.


St Mary Magdalene

Waiting with knowing.

The scaffold dismantled.

She leads the displaced

To the place.

To the cornerstone.

Where she reminds me

Of our covenant

Set in stone

By the doorway.

Jesus Mary Me.

Despite it all

T’is still there.


Despite my absence

Despite abandonment

Despite the distance

The stone tells

The Truth.

Stone set amongst stone.



Before storm, and torrents of rain.



Trinity holding.


Set in stone.

A Covenant of Love.








About mags

Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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