The Ego is a very important gift in the human being – made with the upmost care and intensely sensitive accuracy by God.   It is the infallible measure by which we defend and protect ourselves from the nature of True Love. This is done by using our Ego as a secret defence – to allow ourselves to feel loved or loveable, by deception, without exposing ourselves to the True nature of Love or loving – whilst simultaneously God allows others to see our true need ~ that of being loved.

The Ego is in metaphor like that of a canal Lock.

The Ego/Lock is not the doorway that raises us to the channel by which we come to Love God in truth by merging and flowing through otherness ~ but by reverse perspective the barrier to the ‘chamber’ gently lowered where we come to allow ourselves in humility (lowness) to open our channel for otherness to merge and flow through us ~ to come to allow ourselves to be Loved ~ by others ~ by self ~ by all ~ and to respond to that Love in Love ~ in Truth ~ without falsity ~ defense ~ Ego.


Love & Spirit.


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Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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