All Saints Church ~ All Souls Eve


Last night, as I was sitting in the big ~ beautiful ~ bold ~ almost empty ~ All Saints Church of antiquity ~ a magical, darkest, late butterfly (else the hugest ever butterfly sized moth) was fluttering around in a happily free-spirited way ~ as if wearing summertime on its wing.  It made me smile and had me infused with wonder ~ a butterfly fluttering by ~ praying Mass.   The Sanctuary ~ Pulpit ~ Nave ~ its freedom.   If this wasn’t a sign from St Teresa of Avila, then why did she suddenly inspire and infuse my mind?

‘When it is in this state of prayer, and quite dead to the world, it comes out a little white butterfly. Oh, greatness of God, that a soul should come out like this after being hidden in the greatness of God.’


On All Souls Eve amongst the Saints and Holy Souls ~ as I sat peacefully in melancholy prayer ~ in the same temple that I entered into secular marriage 11+  years earlier, this is what came to me.


Please do not fear of the crisis which you fear will hit the Church mammothly in 2o years time.

Although most of the priests will be deceased, and you might fear that there will be an even bigger crisis at that time, of priests being too thin on the ground ~ you do not have to fear.

As the majority of the parishioners will be dead too.  And then you will not need as many priests.


But if you had a priestly family (secular priests, their wives, and their children) all echoing the Trinity and Gospel living within the heart of the parish ~ (restoring the Church of what is desperately lacking)  ~ then you will attract other families alike.  This is the only renewal the Catholic parish needs.   If you continue to have priests who remain aloof and distant, in protection of their longing hearts ~ who are socially awkward ~ turned in on themselves ~ else sadly held separated and ‘other’ from family life ~ or priests who prefer the ‘Batchelor’ or plain old male exclusive company ‘lifestyle’ and plain uninterested in family living  ~ then families will cease to be inspired, attracted, and magnetised to the heart of the Church   ~  We need familiar priests ~ otherwise there will be no parishioners left to worry about.  ~   Like attracts like.


We may well ask ourselves why congregations are not bigger in the other denominations. I would say because so much of what they have in the way of liturgy feels unsacred ~ the presence within their churches is distinctly lacking ~ the continuum from church to church is absolutely absent ~ and the Learnedness feels ~ well frankly ~ mostly unlearned.

If the Catholic Church observed the changes that are needed ~ Our Universal Church would flourish ~ be renewed ~ and secular life would be infused with The Holy Spirit once again ~ and then there will be no Crisis ~ only  The Holy Family where ~ Christ is.



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