. . . If God is Love


 The Assumption of Mary Magdalene ~ Carlo Marochetti (1805-1867)

. . . If God is Love, well . . . then I was closest to Love in the beginning ~ before the Charism ~ before I was Catholic. When I knew not of betrayal ~ I knew not of rejection ~ I knew not of isolation ~ I knew not of permanent sorrow ~ I knew not of beguilement ~ I knew not of mans lie ~ I knew not of manipulation ~ I knew not of broken trust ~ I knew not of separation ~ I knew not of mans distance ~

I knew of  True Love . . . .

That was a time when I naturally Loved everybody perfectly ~ and felt Loved in return ~ and even for those who struggled in their own loving ~ I still Loved and was Loving and kind and warm and happy ~ and So close to God ~ because God is Love.

I could spend my whole life now trying to live The Charism which God gave me as a gift ~

Once before the Charism it was easy ~ now it feels almost impossible.

The Rt Revd and Rt Hon Baron Williams of Oystermouth Master (on Magdalene College headed paper) said of it ~ ‘It is very finely done, and full of spiritual challenge; I’m most grateful to you for sharing your insights and vision.’   + Rowan Williams

God has given me a lifetime project that I shall spend the whole of the rest of my life trying to re-fulfil ~ the whole of the rest of my life being challenged by ~ the whole of the rest of my life trying to live out ~ just as Mary and Jesus Loved ~ in a perfect way.

To fulfil  The Way of Love Charism,  needs now Supernatural Grace ~ because of what I have lived through ~ where once it was just within my nature to Love in this way.

I pray that one day, beginning with yesterday ~ I Am more like my Sister in Christ St Mary Magdalene of Bethany each day ~ who Loved perfectly ~ and each and every day was the closest ever ~

~ One ~

with her Beloved.





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