L’only way


I sent Papa and the cardinal a refined copy of The Way of Love Charism.

I have prayed with it much ~ and after one year and six months of prayer it is now completely refined.

At God’s wish it is now a complete 10 pages ~ as opposed to the previously unrefined 9 pages.

In Deepest Prayer this is what He gifted me with ~ and I herewith give it to you.


But don’t be fooled ~ there is to be NO dialogue with woman in the Catholic Church . . . . however much prayer.

The dialogue is with God and woman alone.

p.s   I just noticed that this blog-post is post number 73.

73 was my Bethlehem ~ the home that God gifted me with when I was alone with 2 small children. ~ Two years later when I discovered the Catholic Church ~ we found in the archives an old newsletter ~ stating that my home  (no. 73) was the Catholic church in my town from 1902 – 1932.

7 + 3 = 10.


10 is Gods number of pages for the charism.

Clever God

Full of Wonder


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Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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