I Have A Vision

Paray adjusted for cover

I need YOUR help pulling this off.

This property I could renovate with two upstairs bedrooms.  One for me, and one for my children to sleep over  (its a few doors down the road from here) –

I could evacuate it when I have retreatants staying.

I would put in one upstairs shower room.

& one downstairs cloakroom.

One small kitchen/cooker area at the back.   And a beautiful small table for sharing bread!

And then a beautiful open plan God Blessed retreat space ~ which can be used for Spiritual Direction  ~  daily retreats  ~  quiet days  ~  prayer groups ~ maybe even Rachel’s vineyard retreats ~ healing days  ~ Faith Suppers ~ the sharing of Bread & Vine etc.

The outhouse at the back of the property could be a chapel or prayer space for retreatants & for High Street shoppers that want to connect with God ~ light a candle ~ pray.

And the other outhouse could be an art-room & spiritual library.

I have renovated property before now.

But I need an investor to loan the money, that I can pay back monthly.  A regular mortgage is not an option.

Dear Lord,

We can do this ~ for the greater good of Your Church ~ its a perfect location for bringing God to the secular people. ~ A quiet & secluded place in which one can rest ~ take repose and be spiritually renewed.

A High Street ~ Retreat Centre ~ Quiet House of Peace ~ Hope ~ Prayer ~ with a beautiful presence.

I would completely renovate the outside of this property too ~ in French white and a vintage pallet of colours ~ with a beautiful sign.

It would look soft, gentle and welcoming ~ with a small french picket fence ~ and a shingle courtyard to the front ~ with a prayer tree at certain times of the year for people to hang their prayers upon ~ and an olive tree  ~  & herbs in pots ~

It would be for Everyone without exclusion.

The Way of Love.


P.S   ~   I bet I could get it for a great price £60 – 80K


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Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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