If . . . .

If there were to be a formal female presence (I have the perfect vocational black dress!) of identifiable vocational women, in a uniformed role of service specifically assigned to each parish ~ A woman with a contemplative spirit ~ in prayer ministry ~ offering silence ~ spiritual direction  ~  holy-listening ministry ~  a pastoral maternal presence ~ maybe fulfilling the sacristans role ~ amongst other reverent duties ~ maybe offering quiet days and retreats.  In time they will be recognised for being Holy prayerful vocational women.

Women offering wisdom ~ kindness ~ a welcome peaceful spirit to those who enter the church ~ and joy ~ and whose presence is maintained as one of a continuum of care and Love ~ who could be taught by the priest certain simple duties within the Church-building itself.   After a while when such a permanent female presence is recognised ~ (there could be different levels of commitment ~ lay ~ consecrated ~ etc) ~ these women could assist the priest in bearing his load ~ by being the presence when the priest is called away other, a kind of in-house identifiable beguine.  But not to overlap with the role of the Catechists.

Then maybe in the situations where Mass can not be taken ~ these women can be specifically trained to take a service of the Word ~ or evangelise at the lectern, approved readings/writings.  Offering something special and different from that of other lay ministries, and from that of the priest.  This would create a more balanced culture within the church ~ interrelated roles which serve all the people in a broader more holistic way. A sacred way to a more integrated and secure future.  This would foster a culture of a deeper sense of community with shepherds ~ shepherdesses ~ sheepdogs ~ and sheep ~ in an ever compassionate fold. It would become a  Sacramental change ~ an outward sign of an inward Grace.  It would be sublime happiness to commit to this role ~  called by God.  †


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