Ring of Bright Water


Last month my Mummy moved far closer to me  ~  for the past thirty years she has lived up the other end of the road to my big sister.  It was time for her to buy a smaller property and to free up some money so that she can live more comfortably ~ she is retired and has no income other than her pension.

For the last so many years ~ for just under 6 months of the year ~ she has lived in a rented apartment in Goa ~ India.

Tomorrow my mum goes off to India for 5+ months.  ~  She will be flying home to England on my birthday.   ~  These past weeks she has been so lovely to me.  ~  Its almost as if she is seeing me through new eyes!

What a special special eve ~ Tonight my Mum gave me the beautiful diamond engagement ring that my Dad had given to her when he proposed in the late 1960’s.  I had always wished that one day I might be able to look after it for them, when they were both in Heaven.

When she had truly believed that she has lost it a few months back ~ I was absolutely devastated.  Not because it was jewelry ~ but because for me it spiritually represented the purest eternal Love that one person could have for another ~ and that my father had for her.

and now I have been entrusted with it!

Earth and Heaven  ~  One.

I Love it So much ~ precious precious sentiments.

I think it means so much to me because both of my marriages didn’t make it ~ and theirs made it to the end of time.

God who is Love was faithful.

So much hope.

B e a u t i f u l

God is


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