Suffering ~ Grace ~ & Love

You are privileged. ~ You are financially secure within an institution that gives/allows you to proclaim from a pedestal ~ a place from which you are promoted by (and can also promote) your family/friends & personal ‘proclamation projects’ in the name of service to Jesus ~ This could be seen as prejudiced.

Todays prescription was precisely patronising.

Whether it were your friend ~ a priest ~ or even Dawn French’s mother for that matter, that points out that the only way to pass suffering ‘is through it’ ~ I would say to you ~ that at the point that ‘God’ or the ‘Holy Spirit’ becomes a conflab of ‘connected priestly peoples’ steering and trying to administer pastoral care for human suffering caused by the cruellest of hypocrisy from within the very echelons from which Love is supposed to be proclaimed that the point has by yourselves been severely missed.

Proclaiming suffering (like Job) and the grace bestowed because of having to ‘go through it’ ~ (in the end God saves us all however full of suffering or privilege our life is) ~ is nothing deeper than proclaiming that the only way to death is through life ~ or more to the point ~ the only way to life is through death ~ disregarding how little/or how much pain is suffered (or inflicted) ~  or how much grace is bestowed ~ it’s irrelevant  ~ we all get there regardless.

However . . . I Am fully called by God ~ and fully Alive to evangelise and proclaim as an apostle to the apostles ~ that in order for Thy’s Will to be done, ‘on earth as it is in Heaven’ there is only One way ~ The Way of Love.

Something that you might All consider when administering your ministry in practice.

Just as the way through suffering is Love.

My vocation is to Love ~ called by God.

Great piece of writing by the way ~ Im sure it will help someone!


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Beloved apostle of His Soul x
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